About Royal Canin Pet Food
Royal Canin began in 1968 at Aimargues, a small village in the Camargue region of the south of France. The pet food company’s founder, veterinarian Jean Cathary, gets into dog food production in order to cure recurrent eczema in dogs, which he believes is caused by a food adverse reaction.
From the very beginning, the pet food brand decides to anchor itself with dry foods and breeders. The success of this revolutionary pet food drives Royal Canin to progressively develop the means of high tech production, equipping itself with superb Research & Development capabilities.

In 1980, Royal Canin Pet Food was the first company in the world to launch a dog food designed for the growth needs of large breed puppies. In 1997, Royal Canin launched the first programme to take account of the true nutritional needs of dogs of small, medium and large size.

This “nutritional Big Bang” established the four major parameters of Dog Health Nutrition: dog age, dog activity level, dog physiological state and dog size/breed. It has since become a “given” and all the other major world players in dog and cat food and dog and cat health nutrition have come round to this approach.

Royal Canin Pet Food always goes further and further in the pursuit of knowledge and today establishes the basis of a new approach to Dog Health Nutrition with dog food targeted to fulfil physiological, dietetic needs and to for specific dog breeds. In 1999, in partnership with dog breeders, Royal Canin launched the first pet food dedicated to Persian cats; in 2008, the range counted 17 different breed nutritional answers for dogs and 5 breeds for cats.

Royal Canin Pet Food has remained loyal to its original principles for 40 years and today we still focus totally on the animal, with the aim of improving daily life and ensuring better health for dogs and cats. Only knowledge of the real nutritional requirements of dogs and cats and respect for their individual needs can make the development of nutritional solutions suited to their needs possible.

In 2009 Royal Canin employs around 4000 staff, of whom more than 70% are based outside France – operations in India started in 2000. Royal Canion has been part of Mars Inc. since 2002; this link has provided the benefit of additional development boosts, while at the same time totally respecting Royal Canin’s own clear identity.
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