Jr Tuff Balls Dog Toy

Jr Tuff Balls Dog Toy


Jr Tuff Balls Dog Toy 2 Pack comes in a pack of two and is perfect as it does not stain and is has no effect on your pet’s teeth. These two balls in one pack are of industrial strength ball so your pet has to put that additional effort to take this down. Colure dye won’t stain carpet like regular tennis balls.

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Jr Tuff Balls Dog Toy

Jr Tuff balls Dog Toy pack is toy which will allow your dog to play for long time with him. The Tuff balls outer is polyester cover that ensures it does not leave any stain on your carpet. It is a thick rubber wall that helps to maintain the durability of the balls and gives that it a better bounce. The cover is non toxic and will not harm your pet in any way. Dogs have a fascination when it comes to balls. Jr Tuff Balls toy can take it to a park or just have fun with it in at home. It is the perfect interactive toy for both pet owners and their pets.

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These balls are extra thick natural rubber walls give extra durability and bounce. It is non-toxic and no chemicals added for bounce like regular tennis balls, it is also non-abrasive felt won’t wear down dog’s teeth like regular tennis balls. Colure dye won’t stain carpet like regular tennis balls.


  • Industrial quality strength
  • Non staining cover
  • Non abrasive and it does not harm your pet’s teeth.
  • Thick rubber gives it an extra bounce.

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