Dog Potty Scoopers

Potty Scoopers is a one handed grip. In fact, it is grab type of scooper which can be used from one hand only. In order to make cleanup quick and easy. Also, using pet waste scooper will ensure your picking up of pet’s waste. With little effort and this will not dirty your hands too. Please cover the mess with a tissue paper before using scooper. Similarly, the size and design of the scooper is such that even young children can help clean up after pets. The color of this pet poop scooper can be red or green depending upon the color available in stock.Pet Club India has you covered with a full range of cat urine remover and cleaners to eliminate that funky odor.

As many pet parents know, there are many things which have a strong odor. Because many smell is very worst and it completely distratact the attention of other cats. It is difficult to remove the smell from carpet or other surfaces in your home.


Many pet parents find themselves wondering how to get rid of this bad and luckily. There are a variety of pet scooper available at Pet Club India to get the job done. You may not notice that your frisky feline hasn’t been using their litter box until you get a whiff of something off. The odor may actually increase in intensity over time, and it can be difficult to get rid of that ammonia-like urine smell with ordinary household cleaners. Cat urine removers contain special enzymes that help break down the bacterium in your kitty’s leavings and get rid of unsightly stains and urine smell. Cat urine cleaner comes in many forms including powders, sprays and shampoos.

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