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Petclubindia is an open platform for information sharing and is not involved in the sale or purchase of puppies and dogs. The users can interact with each other directly for Adoption, sale or purchase of Puppies and Dogs. does not undertake any responsibility for Transactions made based on information posted on the website.

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Image Details Breed Sex Pet Age Location Date of Post
Dog Owner: abhijeet

Contact Owner:
Rottweiler Male 2 years ,7 months and 25 days Bangalore 2014-07-31

Contact Owner:
Labrador Retriever Male 2 years ,9 months and 26 days Pune 2014-07-31
Dog Owner: aaina

Contact Owner:
Great Dane Male 2 years ,9 months and 24 days Bangalore 2014-07-31

Contact Owner:
Labrador Retriever Male 2 years ,8 months and 24 days Hyderabad 2014-07-31
Dog Owner: Aman Bhalla

Contact Owner:
Pug Male 2 years ,6 months and 24 days Mumbai 2014-07-31
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